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"The tendency for healers to overvalue the verity of their diagnosis and treatment is a major factor contributing to the placebo effect and is so powerful that it can cause physicians to reject effective treatment ..."
A.K. Shapiro and E. Shapiro, The Powerful Placebo, 1997.
"... in almost every case, a disruptive technology enables a larger population of less skilled people to do things that historically only an expert could do. And to do it in a more convenient setting."
Clayton Christensen, Disruption is Good, 2001

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OIO System (OIO on Zope):
Flexible and Secure Information System for Clinicians and Researchers

Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO) system enables clinicians, researchers, and other non-programmers to create and maintain flexible and portable patient/research records. It aims to achieve the " Holy Grail " of data portablity as elegantly described by John G. Faughnan.

The major components of the OIO system are the web-accessible OIO Server and OIO Library. OIO Server is a highly flexible web-based data management system that manages users, patients, and information about patients. (Of course, the same system can just as easily manage information about customers, invoices, shipments, and accounts.)

OIO Library is a metadata repository that facilitates the sharing of metadata (e.g. plug-and-play web-forms, project descriptions) between users and between OIO Servers. The OIO Library also hosts a public/open content database of open source medical software projects and related documents.

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  • Users of the OIO system can use their web-browsers to create and edit "forms" that are immediately capable of collecting data via web-browsers.
  • These web-forms contain Question items that constrain the information that can go on the form. Question items can be "blank", "pickone", "pickmany", "text area", "image", "visual analog scale", "hip range of motion", etc. Validation rules defined by regular expression strings can be used to constrain text input (action="template"). Interactive elements such as visual analog scales and hip range of motion (implemented in Java Applet and/or Javascript) are available for insertion into forms without programming.
  • Once a form is defined, it can be used to collect data. This is as simple as selecting a patient, selecting a form, and filling out the form.
  • Forms can be exported as XML and can be uploaded to a metadata repository such as the OIO Library and re-imported into another OIO Server for re-use.
  • "Workflows" can be defined to automate the activation of forms. Branch_on_condition, send_email, and other workflow_actions provide high-level tools for rapid modeling of medical and clinical research web-application development.
  • "Schedules" use "scheduled_workflow" response actions to support user-definable event types. Year, Month, Week, and day views are available.
  • Once data have been collected, online "Reports" can be generated. This involves the creation of datasets that can combine data from arbitrary forms. Once a dataset is created, it can be queried online via logical operations (and, or, and not).
  • "Live Reports" that organize data into spreadsheet-like tables for statistical analysis and export are also available. [Jump to Summary with Screenshots describing Live Reports]
  • Datasets can also be exported as comma delimited or XML file for off-line analysis in Microsoft Excel, SPSS, SAS, or other statistical software.
  • News
    16 May OIO Ubuntu Install How-To
    8 Mar HIT Summit 2005 slides
    20 Jan ZSVG Graph 1.2.0 with 7 Graph Styles
    29 Mar OIO-1.0.9 and LiveOIO-1.0.9 with Advanced Form Controls
    5 Feb OIO-1.0.8 and LiveOIO-1.0.8 with R integration
    3 Dec OIO-1.0.7 and LiveOIO-1.0.7 released
    8 Oct OIO-1.0.1 released
    6 Oct LiveOIO 1.0.0.rc1 released
    27 Sept OIO 1.0.0 released
    27 Sept ZSVG_Graph 1.1.0 released
    19 Aug ZSVG_Graph module released
    1 Apr OIO via Knoppix
    20 Mar The case for OIO: 270Tech Seminar
    19 Mar From forms to workflows and beyond: 2nd Open Source in eGov and Healthcare Conference
    14 Jan Installing OIO on Mac OS X
    14 Jan Installing OIO on Mandrake 9.0 Tutorial
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    Andrew P. Ho, M.D.
    Look for the OIO presentation at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, July 2001 Los Angeles Zope Users Group Medinfo2001
    Free and Open Source Software in Medicine
    Free and Open Source Software in Medicine
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